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At RASASC, we have a team of specially trained and accredited Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) who work across Cheshire, Knowsley and St. Helens.


ISVAs are independent from all other agencies/professionals and provide support and advocacy to anyone who has experienced sexual violence regardless of when the incident occurred and if a report was made to the police.

ISVAs provide impartial advice and support and can help you explore your choices and options. 

If you have made a report to the police, ISVAs can provide crucial practical and emotional support throughout the criminal justice process; from report to court our ISVAs are on hand to support you at each step.


ISVAs can support you with:

Upon receiving your referral our ISVAs aim to contact you with-in 72 hours and will arrange to meet you for an initial meeting as soon as possible to discuss your support needs. Our ISVAs understand that everyone’s needs are different - we will tailor an individual care plan based on your needs and support requests.


Please click on our ISVA service agreement if you would like to know more about our ISVA service or contact us on 0330 363 0063.


If you are a parent/carer of someone under 18 who has experienced sexual abuse, ISVAs can work directly with you to provide the above support.