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RASASC (Cheshire and Merseyside) is a registered charity (1049826) committed to supporting people who have been affected by rape or sexual abuse.

It does not matter how long ago it occurred or what happened – we are here to help. We have been providing support to people affected by sexual violence since 1995. We work in partnership with local authorities and NHS England to ensure we provide services to people affected by rape and/or sexual assault.


It may be you that have experienced the abuse or you could be a friend or relative of someone you know who has gone through it – either way we are here to help you.


We have offices in Chester, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Knowsley, Halton, Northwich, Macclesfield, St.Helens and Warrington as well as offering outreach support in locations across Cheshire and Merseyside.


Our core ethos is to ensure we provide free community based support that is tailored towards the needs of people affected by sexual violence. All members of the team are highly motivated towards raising society’s awareness of the prevalence and consequences of sexual violence as well as helping to challenge common myths and unhelpful perceptions.


On this website you will find information about RASASC and our services, some facts and advice about what to do if you have just been raped and your options if the incident happened some time ago, information about reporting the crime to the police and what you can do if you do not want to report it. You will also find some links to useful websites and information on other services in the UK that may help you.


Our Policies & Procedures

We are fully committed to equal opportunities throughout all aspects of our work. To request a copy of our Equality & Diversity Action Plan please email


Anti-Racism Statement:

We are pleased to issue this statement of our commitment to becoming an anti-racist employer, service provider and campaigning organisation.  This commitment extends to our efforts to influence policy and wider societal factors which impact upon survivors of sexual violence.


If you would like access additional policies and procedures, please contact us at