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RASASC Wellbeing Groups


RASASC Wellbeing Groups provide a supportive haven for adult survivors of sexual violence. We offer peer support and social groups both in person and virtually online.


Our groups place a strong emphasis on recovery, healing and social inclusion and include a comprehensive fun and creative program that supports both physical and mental health.


Below you can find out more about the types of groups we provide and how you can make a self-referral. We look forward to hearing from you.


Social Groups


We recognise that some people will want to access a different type of support to our Therapy and ISVA services so have put in place a range of social activities covering different subjects and locations across our catchment area. The activities are informal and you can dip in and out depending on what you feel like.

The groups and activities are not therapy groups but an opportunity to join with others in a relaxing and supportive environment.


Peer Support: Online Support Group and Face to Face Coffee & Chat Support Group


Our peer support groups have been designed to provide a safe space for adult survivors of rape, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse as a child or in adult life to come together to talk, listen, share and learn from one another in a confidential setting.


Peer support groups are designed to be supportive and are usually no more than 6 to 8 people per group. We really understand how difficult it can be to join in a group situation, even despite wishing to, as it can be a little nerve wrecking.


Peer support is not about sharing intimate details of any abuse you have experienced, you will not be asked to share any of your story or the details about that in this setting.

Peer support is there to talk about the impacts you may experience as a result of abuse and anything else you may wish to bring. The activities and support groups are aiming to achieve a supportive space by and everyone who attends is asked to follow a set of guidelines that promote confidentiality and inclusivity.

Peer support is about making connections in your community, being part of something on a regular basis that feels supportive by nature and may build your confidence and self-esteem as you get to build rapport with others and share and learn from one another.

If you are interested please complete our online self referral form or email Rebecca on for further information.